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Real & Honest Communication About Loved Ones Who Are Serving Time


Welcome To Forced Behind Bars

A place where we encourage real, honest and open communication for families with loved ones in the prison system.

Hi there! I’m an informational assistant by day, serious blogger by night, and this is my blog. I live in Pennsylvania, have three great sons named Trovon (23), Dondre (19) and Glenn (15), a crazy. wacky family that I love and adore and I like butterflies; and a good meal.

Forced Behind Bars is a site created by me. I wanted to create a place where families will feel free to communicate and help other families. You don’t necessarily have to have a loved one in prison but may you have a loved one suffering in other ways, they are forced behind bars in some way. Let this place be your refuge. My main focus will be families with a loved one on the prison system.

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Each Month I would like to have a book discussion just like a book club. Solution can only be found if we are intentionally looking. Keeping current on updates and events is crucial and a book club is a great way to connect.


I would like to keep this site up for many years to come. I also plan on building a scholarship fund for youth in  detentions. Anything you can donate helps.

The Forced Behind Bars was founded in 2013, so it is in it’s infancy, yes F.B.B. is my brand new baby, and I promise to continue to provide you with quality content and the latest news on how to cope with losing a loved one. Located in Pennsylvania, Forced Behind Bars is the perfect place to come, share, meet & greet or just a place to find solace. There is no judgement here. Join our community and enjoy a different type of social experience.

Forced Behind Bars is also looking for Guest Bloggers. If you would love to become a guest blogger on this site please contact Me, Robin E.

Real & Honest Communication About Loved Ones Who Are Serving Time